Your Ex Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

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Your Ex Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

When it pertains to the worst ex-spouses, Scorpio takes the lead. She is typically protected and also really safe of her heart once it obtains broken, so there are no limits to what she can.

The despair and also injure she feels after separation are mixed with rage. She desires revenge. She intends to get even, as well as she wants her ex to recognize exactly just how she felt. Heck will break out, as well as her ex-spouse will be sorry for whatever he did.

She is always on the edge of turning into a psycho ex-lover that will certainly reduce tires, call his brand-new girlfriend and also tell her a thing or two, message harmful pics throughout social media, make a big scene, and so on.

After the temper diminishes, she will certainly pull away right into herself as well as become even more safeguarded than she was, to begin with.


Things not exercising as well as she prepared do not complement Gemini. It’s even worse when breakups go to risk.

She will want to get to the bottom of things and most likely to lengths to learn why points went south and exactly how they can be mended.

She generally doesn’t desire the breakup to take place no matter exactly how the relationship was.

So, she will do her ideal to plant the seed of question in her ex and encourage him to provide it another go.

She will certainly also lie and system if she requires to have it her method.

If that falls short, she will alter her approach and enter into a self-protective mode.

An infraction is the most effective defense, so Gemini will certainly talk trash about their ex-spouses with a touch of overestimation.


While a Cancerian woman can be among the most effective girlfriends, she makes one terrible ex-girlfriend.

She wants her happily ever after, and also she will stop at nothing to acquire it.

Whether she’ll admit this to herself or otherwise, more than as soon as, she has forced her relationships to work.

She loves to repair damaged things as well as always sees the excellence in others which eventually returns to attack her.

Long after the partnership finishes, she still has hope that points are going to work out.

She can not neglect her ex-lover because she is consuming over him and stalking him via social media sites or mutual friends.

Out of the blue breaks up in which she can not truly inform what the reason was are the most awful.

She immediately obtains the sensation that she isn’t good enough, and she has a tough time shaking it off.


A Capricorn ex-girlfriend is not the most awful nor the very best. She is someplace in between. All of it depends upon the reasons that resulted in the break-up.

If the reasons for the separation were clear and they split ways into great terms, she’ll be the most effective ex-spouse a guy could wish for.

She will deal with the separation with self-respect regardless of exactly how she feels about it.

On the other hand, she can not stand not having closure. When reasons are uncertain, she will certainly wish to get to the bottom of it.

She will send out a message after message till she obtains all the solutions.

Before she is also familiar with it she currently overemphasized texts, follow-up messages, and also pleas to satisfy and also talk.

Thankfully, she has a bestie that will relax her down and also make her see the truth — not every little thing has a sensible description.

That will certainly quit her on her way to crazy ex-Ville.


A Virgo ex-spouse will most definitely intend to make some sense out of whatever.

She will certainly map back his and her every step trying to identify where did it all go to hell.

She will be on the verge of sinking in rips of self-pity and thanking paradise for conserving her from that terrible guy.

She will check out their entire texting history, looking for red flags. She will certainly scope his social media sites accounts searching for signs of betrayal.

She will call her ex-lover a couple of even more times than necessary to speak things via, and also she won’t take ‘no’ for a solution. Entirely on that particular, he will certainly classify her as insane.

The worst of all is that she isn’t insane. She simply wishes to know the actual reason for what occurred and also acquire closure.


The issue with her ex-lovers is that they do not understand what they had up until they shed her. They find out to value her when it’s too late.

By that time, an Arian lady has kicked right into her ‘thank you, next’ setting, as well as there’s no going back.

She does not simply claim she has a person brand-new. She essentially finds a person new and does her ideal to move on.

Rebound relationships are her point, and she thinks that it will be easier to forget her ex if she has somebody else to inhabit and also entertain her.

Is that an excellent or a bad point to do? Aries will certainly discover soon sufficient.


Pisces has a difficult time accepting the breakup due to the fact that she is a helpless charming, and break up is not the word with which fairytale end.

She will absolutely place on a take on facade while she is crumbling underneath. She will pull back into herself as well as grieve the lost love in the solitude of her house with Netflix and a big dish of ice cream.

She will not deliberately look for vengeance, but she will certainly most likely injure her ex by revealing him that she is doing simply great without him (even if she isn’t all that terrific). No one can blame her for that.

She will certainly be a bit consumed with why points had to finish this way. She will possibly try to find hints on his social media sites accounts as well as wreck her cool ex-girlfriend exterior by unintentionally suching as something uploaded 26 weeks earlier.


The only time Libra is amongst the worst ex-girlfriends is when she is stubbornly trying to remain buddies with her ex. On those celebrations, she is just harming herself as well as making the currently difficult situation worse.

When feelings are included from either side, that can’t finish well. Staying close friends with an ex just bring mess and also complication and Libra truly hates that.

Thankfully, she is highly rational, and once she has a little time to assume points with, she will recognize that there is absolutely nothing that can be done when it’s not implied to be.

Initially look, she is handling the breakup actually well, although only she knows what’s going on inside. Their outward bound characters and also favorable perspectives are what will draw them with.

When an ex-spouse does something truly low, Libra will not seek revenge. Deep down she recognizes that life without her is revenge sufficient.


She will certainly resemble a cold-hearted bitch after a break up even though that can’t be even more from the reality. She just doesn’t want to give her ex lover the contentment of seeing her down.

She will certainly redirect all the interest she was providing him onto herself. She will certainly service herself for herself by herself.

She has her support group. She will invest more time with pals and enjoyed ones despite the fact that she never disregarded them while she remained in the partnership.

There will certainly be no space for an ex in her life, and she will make it evident by ignoring his messages as well as keeping away from his social media sites accounts.


Her ex lover will certainly more than likely want to remain buddies due to the fact that she is an amusing, funny person as well as a terrific audience, also. He doesn’t want to shed that.

That’s why it’s simple for her ex to play a friendship card to draw her right into an ‘on once again off again’ connection. That’s not something she desires however.

She will do a great task in pretending she is okay, and also whatever in her power to show to her ex that she doesn’t require him in her life.

In truth, she will certainly be every little thing but OK, and also she would certainly significantly like to get back along with her ex-spouse.

Considering that she understands that’s not an option, she will certainly pretend until she encourages herself that she is much better off without him. As time moves on, she will certainly understand that the separation is the most effective point that could have occurred to her.


She hates drama, which’s just among the reasons a Taurus lady makes a respectable ex. She prevents yelling, screaming and returning to her ex-spouse on her lonesome nights, as well as she is a wise female for doing that.

When it mores than, it’s over, as well as there is no reversing. She wants to leave points with her self-respect intact as well as her head stood up high. No matter just how much discomfort she is under, she will certainly stay true to herself.

She will certainly reduce all ties with her ex lover — not because she despises him but because it’s much easier to get over all the brokenness in this way.

She recognizes deep down that her ex-spouse had not been “the one”. Still that doesn’t make her discomfort any less.


Her vanity will be drastically harmed. Her heart will probably be broken, but she will manage the breakup like a pro.

A certain, self-loving Leo woman will not ever before enable any person tp connect the tag ‘pitiful ex-spouse’ to her name.

She will not stay buddies with her ex since she sees no point in it. If they have actually separated, that’s where their tale ends. She will certainly erase his number and social networks accounts, and also obstruct him if it seems required.

Her sensations are injured, and she doesn’t require constant reminders of what might have been. Breakups are hard as it is, as well as Leo doesn’t intend to make points also harder on herself.

Her actions in this difficult situation is exceptional. Her self-worth is as well effective.

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